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Where to smoke Hookah in Madrid

Missing the good old smell of Hookah?? Tempted to enjoy your weekend with a Hookah this week?? We bring you top places in Madrid where you can find a quality hookah at a reasonable rate!!

Where to smoke Hookah in Madrid

Call it Hookah, Shisha or Cachimba, this is one of the things hard to find in Madrid!! Is it hard for you to decide on a good Hookah place in Madrid as well?? Well search no more we bring you some places where you can enjoy smoking a Hookah at a reasonable price!!

Trinity Tavern

Trinity Tavern offers Hookah with flavors such as watermelon, melon, grape, mint, strawberry etc you name and they have it. You can also ask them to get a flavor for your next visit there. Located in Chueca, this place is super friendly & the owner itself will attend you. Its a small spaced place with good music & decor. This place has a cozy & warm feel to it. This place is an amazing spot to smoke in small groups. Just in case you are looking for a relaxing night out, this is the place!! They also serve quality cheese with selected range of cocktails.

Location: Calle Pelayo, 25, 28004 Madrid

Metro: Chueca

Price: 9€

Hours: 13h-2:30h

Telephone: 915 31 75 85

WebsiteFacebook Profile

Las Mil y Una Noches

This beautifully decorated place offers not only a well made hookah but also an ambience that will stay with you forever. The decorations resembles the Moorish decor. They have separate zones for eating & smoking. So we have plenty of room to take our big group of friends there and have a chill time!! This place is ideal for having a after dinner hookah. Since they serve variety of drinks including shakes, juices & mouth watering cocktails.

Location: C/ Martin de los Heros, 28, 28008 Madrid

Metro: Plaza de España

Price: 9.50€

Hours: 14h-2h

Telephone: 915 59 57 85

Tetería Dubai

Decorated with lamps & welcomed by the aromas of different Teas, this place is perfect place to enjoy a Hookah with a cup of tea!! They even have offers available from Thursdays to Sundays like Hookah+Cocktail 15€ or Hookah+Refreshments 10€ & many more! Just ask their staff. They really know how to make a proper Hookah, when you smoke, it goes down your throat smooth & you won’t taste the coal whatsoever. This place is a real Tetería. Where you can find peace & quiet, cozy environment & the place is decorated with vivid colors!! It is a medium spaced place good for both small & large groups.

Location: Travesía Trujillos, 5, 28013 Madrid

Metro: Callao

Price: 10€

Hours: 16h-2:30h & 16h-3h (Weekends)

Telephone: 689 04 45 32

Website: Facebook Profile

La Nueva Troje

An intimate space decorated with trees inside with soft lighting. Previously located in Pelayo street in Chueca, now they are located at desengaño street with more space. This place is an amazing spot for smoking a Hookah while you relax on a sofa. They have plenty of space available, so this makes it an ideal place to go in groups. The Hookah there is not only well made but they also offer combos on Hookah with drinks. Just ask any of their staff or check out their website!!

Location: Calle del desengaño 14, 28004, Madrid, Spain

Metro: Gran Vía

Price: 9€

Hours: 18:00h-2:30h

Telephone:910 17 03 46

Website: Facebook Profile

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