Mad4Madrid is a group of very different people, but with the same passion: our love for Madrid. The day to day of our team turns around marketing online, web design, communication and journalism. Our occupations have helped us to create a useful website (we hope you will find what you like easily), different (we want to keep out of the established rules) and overall, very crafted (we have spent many hours before it came to light).

Here you will find restaurants, bars, locals, and places the madrileños go to very often. What’s more, our activities, routes, and plans will help you to discover Madrid in a 100% authentic way, very different from what the majority of the travel guides show you.

Our goal? We want you to live the city in a different way (forget the typical places only for tourists). It doesn’t matter if you’re staying only for a few days, a few weeks or a longer period of time; we assure you that with our suggestions you will enjoy the most authentic part of Madrid, the same way the madrileños do.

If you want to know something else about one of us in particular, continue reading.

Our writers:

Journalist since 2013 and madrileña since... forever! She was born in this city, and knows it like the palm of her hand. She adores the world of culture and art, but more than anything gastronomy. In the evenings, she watch the sunset from Templo de Debod (a place you should definitely visit if you come to Madrid). Go to Elena's articles

Japanese Studies graduate from the Autonomous University of Madrid. He landed in Spain 5 years ago and instantly fell in love with his adopted home. From Alcalá to Zarzuela, cathedrals to clubs, if it's "madrileño" he's tried it. Seb enjoys running, backpacking, learning foreign languages. His motto: "I'll sleep when I'm dead!" Go to Sebastian's articles

Born in India, currently a photographer with a background in fashion. Always looking for a story with each passing moment. Loves making pictures with a sensation of chaos and mystery. She is an explorer and a traveller. Go to Tarvika's articles

I am two parts curiosity, one part spontaneity. I like a little bit of everything. I always up for something new, whether it be a new show or a random weekend to a new place. Go to Stephanie's articles

Hola! I am an Island Girl living in Madrid. I teach English by day and a travel blogger by night. I am here for all things tapas and exploration of new spots in Madrid and other cities. Go to Andrometa's articles

Freelance journalist focus on underground music. Phd in contra-cultural trends in Madrid. Go to Elena's articles

The boss at Mad4Madrid, I make things happen. I'm in the field of digital marketing, and I want to show those who visit Madrid this things that won't appear in the traditional guide books. When I'm not working, you can find me at La Musa Espronceda, jumping up and down at a concert, or discovering the latest in the Capital. Go to Nestor's articles

Brendan recently graduated with cum laude honors and a double major from the Isenberg School of Management at Umass-Amherst. In addition to contributing to Mad4Madrid, Brendan has a hoist of jobs in Madrid including working as a high school English teacher, coaching/consulting with local business owners to improve their English communication/pronunciation skills, as well as working on the social media team for an Italian newspaper. His previous jobs/internships has allotted him much experience in many aspects of the business world including advertising, business development, management and entrepreneurship. Brendan loves exploring the quirks of Madrid and is a big fan of the Malasana and Salamanca barrios. As his time in Spain is nearing an end, Brendan is eager to start his career in business back home in the United States. Go to Brendan's articles

A California native, Danielle came to Madrid in 2016 to pursue a masters degree in digital marketing. Prior to her arrival in Spain, Danielle spent four years working in the wine industry developing a deep appreciation for wine, food, and good company. Always up for an adventure, she loves to explore new places, meet people and learn different languages. Go to Danielle's articles