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'Green Porno, live on stage', English theatre at Teatros del Canal

Find English theatre in Madrid is complicated but not impossible, in fact, here we have an example: from June 4th to 7th, the play 'Green Porno, live on stage' will be at Teatros del Canal.

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Los Chuchis Bar at Lavapiés

Although slap bang in the middle of Lavapiés, Los Chuchis is not easy to find. At Calle Amparo, an little lane that tumbles down the barrio, cutting through Miguel Servet, and you’ll spot this tiny bar serving authentic English food. A place that is loved by Madrileños and UK expats alike for its authenticity and great character.

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Dim Sum Market: One Bun Is Never Enough

Lions, tigers, dumplings, oh my! If you find yourself walking around the Sol or Huertas neighborhood and you're craving something light, yet filling, we've got a suggestion for you: Dim Sum Market, the newest addition to Chinese/Cantonese cuisine on the Madrid scene. Dim Sum Market on C/ Príncipe is so very unsuspecting. The décor is very simple and there are only about 4 tables lining the wall and some stools and bar area further back. The kitchen is the centerpiece of the entire establishment, as it very well should be.

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Lambuzo, an Andalusian tavern in downtown Madrid

No time to visit Southern Spain? Not to worry, Andalusia is much closer than you think. In fact, you can reach Cadiz on the Metro de Madrid: Ever heard of Restaurante Lambuzo?

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Discover 5 things to do in Madrid in Spring:

Spring has finally arrived in the beautiful city of Madrid! Check out our 5 suggestions on how to enjoy the weather in this great city. Springtime in Madrid means sunshine, strolls through the park, and of course having a drink at your favorite terraza, or terrace. The flowers begin to bloom and the city itself begins to stretch its arms and wake-up after the cold, dark winter months.

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Malacatín, cocido madrileño with tradition and character

Situated on the border between Lavapiés and La Latina (two classic Madrid neighborhoods) Malacatín boasts one of the best Cocido Madrileños out there. If you're looking for something traditional dishes you can't go wrong with Cocido.

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Federal Café: A Neighborhood Spot with International Flair

Are you walking through Madrid with a hankering for a delicious, stacked burger cooked to perfection? Well, here we review a quaint spot in Conde Duque called Federal Café. We had extremely high hopes before checking out Federal Café, a quaint café and restaurant in the Conde Duque neighborhood, and we certainly were not disappointed. Although Federal Café is known for its brunch items and hearty, yet healthy breakfast menus, we decided to steer away from the beaten path, and see what kind of vibe there was on a Friday evening.

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'Restotecas', the perfect mix between a restaurant and a bookstore

Fifty restaurants of Madrid are involved in this original idea: give a book to their guests after their lunch or dinner. The places are called “restotecas” (a mix between restaurant and bookstore) and the initiative is “Cenas con historia”.

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MadrEAT, the foodies place at AZCA

Except for barbecues, picnics, fairs and typical Spanish terraces, it used to be very difficult to see food trucks around the city. Who could imagine that it would be a success? The street food is not just fast, wrong done and greasy food. Now, it is a trend around the world, and Madrid cannot be less because this city is full of good cuisine and the best chefs. In fact, there are more than 20 Michelin Stars just here. Welcome to MadrEAT!

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Snow Day in Madrid

Have you been feeling the call of the wild recently? Well, not so much wild as just an itch to get out of the city for a few hours. Madrid is flanked by mountain ranges, all of which offer city dwellers a wide range of activities during the year: from skiing in winter and savoring the fresh mountain air in autumn, to walking by a nature route in spring, or to escaping the heat wave of the city swimming in the rivers or in the natural mountain pools in summer.We tell you where to go, here.

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