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Madrid Transport: How to Get a Metro Ticket

Whether you’re in town for a weekend, or a week we tell you how to obtain a metro ticket to make your stay in Madrid as flawless and seamless as possible.

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Trust Your Hair With These Salons in Madrid

We’re just as picky about hair salons as you are, so here’s a little list.

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Mad4Madrid is going out for Halloween!

Trick or treat: it’s prize time! Halloween is here and we at Mad4Madrid are excited to go out. There’s just one problem: we don’t have a costume! Help us decide what to where and you could win an awesome prize to make this a holiday you won’t soon forget.

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Valentine’s Day Playlist:

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our top song picks for Valentine’s Day. Which are your favorite?

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10 Creative Responses to the Question: What are you doing for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is so sweet! When done right, it’s a day to celebrate love, like and even lust! On the other hand, it’s an excuse to spend loads of money on presents, chocolate and romantic dinners that couldn’t be further from its historical beginnings. Here are a few cheeky answers to the infamous, yet dreaded question: What are you doing for Valentines Day?

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007: 50 Years of James Bond Fashion

If you've ever looked at a Bond film and drooled a little because of all the sequins, glamour, and fashion, then we have the place for you. Check out the exhibit Diseñar 007 going on now until the end of August.

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Baobab Senegalese Restaurant: It's a Marathon, not a Sprint

Baobab is a neighborhood staple in Lavapiés. This traditional Senegalese restaurant is cheap, filling and delicious. The laid back environment makes you feel like you're walking into your grandma's kitchen, If of course, your grandma was a tall, Senegalese man. Suppose we're on an international cuisine kick, so bear with us. Open your minds, wallets and mouths and you too will be rewarded with dancing spices and flavors on your tongue.

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Lolo Polos Artesanos: Messy Fingers and Nostalgia

Who doesn't have childhood memories that are triggered by certain events or situations? A song, a place, and of course, food. It's when we eat that these beautiful memories are made. Popsicles like the ones at Lolo Polos Artesanos has jump-started the collective memory of everyone in Madrid.

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Natural Pools of Cercedilla: Relief Just An Hour Away From Madrid

For all of you that aren't from Madrid and it's your luck to spend summer here, you probably ask yourself the same question: how do madrileños deal with this heat? However, for those of us who were born here and live in Madrid, we have our little tricks. One of them is escaping to the mountains of Madrid in the north where you will find the pools of Cercedilla. It's a tiny last standing refuge where the sun and the heat did not win the battle. Now you know why there are no Madrileños in Madrid during the end of summer. We're telling you how to get the most out of a hot day in a cool place in Madrid.

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Paul Strand: The People's Photographer

Strand, American photographer, is known for his thought-provoking and captivating portraits. As of now, over 100 of his vintage prints are on display at Fundación Mapfre. aul Strand is an iconic figure in the photography world and his career spans over 60 years. Artistically speaking, he's labeled as a modernist photographer along with his friends and colleagues, Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Weston. Strand's subject matters vary greatly and you can see countries from all over the world as his backdrop: Africa, Europe and North & South America.

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