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Best Patatas Bravas of Madrid: The Typical and Spicy Recipe

We love patatas bravas! Have you not tried them yet? Join the club and discover these fries with a sauce made with paprika that is spiced. You will not cry because of the spices, but because of how rich they are.

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Spanish Halloween Costumes! Loading…

Will you be in Madrid for Halloween? This article will provide some great costume options for spanish inspired attire. Who’s ready to dress like a true madrileño?

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Oh Look! The Leaves are Changing

Autumn is here in Madrid. Wondering what you can do to experience typical characteristics of Autumn? Well look no further, we have a few ideas for you.

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How to Enter in a Spaniard House (Without Stealing)

C’mon! It is time to open all the doors and cross them. How? With our low cost tips: sleep on a sofa, share a paella or find a job.

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Adrenaline Junkies, yay or nay?

Ever run out of crazy and fun ideas to do in Madrid. Don’t worry, we got you! Madrid isn’t lacking in crazy and extremes activities to do. From bungee jumpings, to sky diving, there is something for everyone.

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How to search (and to find) flat in Madrid

If you’re starting a new life in Madrid, your first step is finding a home (sweet home). Stop crying cause we are going to give you all the keys, basic tips, how works to rent in Madrid, etc.

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Cheap Ways to Travel Europe from Spain

It’s possible to have the vacation of your dreams without spending a big amount of money. Traveling around Europe is much easier and cheaper than you think if you follow your advice.

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Festival on Calle Pez 2017

This weekend a small little festival fills in a lot of day-time activities for both kids and parents.

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Coffee Addicts Welcome

Who enjoys a nice cup of coffee every now and again or are you someone who can’t start their day without 1 or 4 cups of coffee? Check out Zero Point Coffee and Plántate Café to start your day with some amazing coffee and goodies.

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