Top Summer Plans Madrid-Style

We highlight some of the most popular activities of the year.

Top Summer Plans Madrid-Style

If you’re up for spending your entire summer in Madrid, we’re sure that you’re aware that the city has no beach. But… who cares? Forget about sand in your swimsuit or annoying seagulls trying to steal your towel, and let’s not forget the hordes of screaming children while you try to bathe in the sun. Lets recap some of the things going on in the city during the summer months, without the beach involved:

Veranos de la Villa: Culture Throughout the Entire City

Lasting until the 3rd of September, Veranos de la Villa is hosting expos, workshops, concerts, and other outdoor spectacles throughout every zone in Madrid. Take a look at their map to find an activity near you.

Create Your Own Route With Our Map

You’ve probably noticed by now that the Spanish don’t frequent bars if they don’t have some sort of terrace, or terraza until winter comes crawling back. In Madrid, there are so many different terraces that it’s difficult to pick just one, there´s: gardens, plazas, temporary and hide-away terrazas. Mad4Madrid has made a map with all the terrazas on this map. We challenge you to visit them all, are you up for it?

Cines de Verano: Movies Under the Night Sky

If in the winter the only thing you want to do is lay on the couch and watch movies, the summer means you can lay in the grass (with a couple of beers, of course) and do the same. Madrid is full of outdoor cinemas, which mean good times with good friends under the summer sky. To find out about some of the popular cinemas, visit this article.

Telefónica Madrid: Free Exhibitions in the Center

This massive building does a 2-in-1. The front entrance on Gran Via is a mobile phone store. I found this out after a clumsy me entered the store area asking if, “we are allowed to take photos?” Luckily, a friendly Samsung salesperson pointed me into the right direction (that involved ushering me outside).

The entrance is found on the right hand side of the building, and yes, once I got into the exposition area I was told I could take photos as long as my flash was off. There was an exhibition going on about Leica Photography, a German camera company that manufactures optics and high end cameras. used in the first half of the 20th century, which has been a collection of candid shots from pre and post war area place and people in a variety of candid and bold poses. The highlighted photos master a provocative sense of artistry.

The museum is modern, yet vintage, sleek but traditional, popular but to our advantage very cool and breezy inside. There are four floors, and an auditorium area on the upper level and a convenient, cute snack bar area. The contents of the front display change frequently, and this is because so many artists rotate and work this featured exposition area. The featured display this month is “The Instagramer’s Gallery” which is a series of shots taken with smartphones, and selected by a team of professionals headed by Philippe González. All the images have one thing in common: Instagram.

Written by: Stephanie Meccia

La Casa Encendida: Visit the Magnetic Rooftop

This house hosts little bit for every type of Madrileño. When in doubt, visit La Casa Encendida, and see their expos, library, cinema, and of course their famous “Terraza Magnética”. It’s a summer-long rooftop party hosting artists and concerts hailing from every corner of the globe. Fun fact: The name comes from inevitable magnetism that keeps you coming back

Piscinas Naturales de Cercedilla: Swim in Mineral Water

The cool and crystal waters of the mountainside have long existed in Cercedilla until someone came up with the idea to make them into community pools. The area is amazing, you can swim, view the wildlife and most of all, cool off! Read all the details here.

And as always, visit our Mad4Madrid Guide weekly for new events and excursions!

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