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Top 5 Plans this Halloween:

Halloween in Madrid is a magical time of year. If you’re in town for a weekend, or you live here all year, don’t miss the plans this Halloween season.

Top 5 Plans this Halloween:

There’s no reason to spend Halloween watching movies at home when Madrid itself opens its doors to the spooky holiday that is Halloween! Although there’s nothing wrong with a Hitchcock marathon in front of the television, there are events happening throughout the city, some of which only take place during the Halloween season, so are you going to miss out?

In recent years, Halloween has become a “thing” here. Here are a few of the spookiest and scariest plans for this Halloween. You’re sure to scream and shout and of course, have a fun time too!

  1. Zombie Apocalypse Escape Game:

Fox in a Box: This Zombie Apocalypse game of logic will work your brain as well as your heart from fear of course! Are you able to work with your team of 4 other scientists to find the antidote and stop the zombies from takng over the world?


2. Inisidiuos and Walking Dead at the Parque de atracciones:

Have you seen the film Insidious or are you more a fan of The Walking Dead? Either way, if you head out to the Amusement Park in Casa de Campo, you won’t be disapointed. These are special attractions, but don’t forget that the rollercoasters and rides will also be open for business. You can scream from fright and from fun. Halloween is a magical time of year!


         3.   Night of the Spirits Guided Tour: This 3 hour walking tour takes you on a journey through the winding streets of Madrid. It’s a Madrid like you’ve never seen before. It’s only available on the 23rd, 24th,  30th and 31st of October and the cost is 12€ per person. The tour leaves from the main door of the Conde Duque Cultural Center.

4. The Grave Diggeer Haunted House: Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a Haunted House? Now you can! You and 7 friends can rent the Grave Digger’s house, also known as Mr. Clark and have a private dinner, breakfast, and a private party with an open bar! The cost is 99€ per person and the minimum is 8 people.

        5. Haunted Boat Ride in Aranjuez: Here’s a plan that combines the love of nature plus the rush of Halloween! Many of you may know but Madrid has many rivers, and one  of these passes through Aranjuez. The Tajo River only adds to the charm of the historic UNESCO site. This is a great way to spend Halloween if you’d like to avoid the blood and guts, and have a spooky, yet tranquil evening. The boat ride lasts 4,5 hours and the starting point is the Iglesia de San Antonio. Don’t worry, while on board, you can pass the time with karaoke, music, and ghost stories.


These are the top plans that we have discovered for you this Halloween. This list has something for every budget and even every level of fright! So again, if spending a quiet night at home is your thing, go for it! However, don’t think for one second that Madrid and madrileños don’t know how to celebrate Halloween right!

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