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Top 3 Sandwich Spots in Madrid

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we love sandwiches, and there arethree places in Madrid that have stolen our hearts. Fresh, with unique flavors, and of course cheap, let us share with you our favorite sandwich spots in Madrid city centre!

We love sandwiches. Just thought we should put that out there first and foremost. Sandwiches make for the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner option! There are three places in Madrid with sandwiches that have absolutely stolen our hearts! We chose them because they are always fresh, have unique flavors, and of course, there’s a great price / quality ratio! Come, come, let us share with you our favorite sandwich spots in Madrid center!




La Casa Tomada

Why? We’ve written about La Casa Tomada here and also interviewed the owner here. Needless to say, we’ve paid more than one visit to this delicious fusion sandwich spot! It’s located in the center of Madrid and if you’re ever in the neighborhood, you should stop by! If you’re brave, and hungry, we recommend the chilli cheese fries. Share if you dare, but we’d rather keep them to ourselves!

Address: Calle San Lorenzo 9 Madrid



Why? Crumb is a quaint spot in the Conde Duque neighborhood. We had the chance to visit them not too long ago for a staff lunch. First off, reservations aren’t mandatory, but if you feel inclined, they are very responsive and easy to reach! That said, we’re here to talk about sandwiches. Crumb is in ideal spot for small groups to go for lunch because their menu of the day is reasonably priced, and very filling. You can start with either a soup of the day or a salad. The soup options when we went were either tomato or Vichyssoise. Then you choose a sandwich– tuna, veggie, roast beef, pork belly; the options are all on their menu! There are 5 options for 10,90€ and 4 options for 11,90€ and the sides are diced potatoes with a creamy sauce, salad or potato puree with bits of fried pork!

Address: Calle Conde Duque, 8, 28015


El Porrón Canalla 

Why? This place put a new and interesting twist on the traditional Spanish bocata with a variety of interesting, and high-quality ingredients. We tried the bocata de calamares with lime mayo, as well as lomo adobabo con queso y pimientos verdes. As you all can probably see from the photo, it was delicious! We’d average about 10€ euro per person for a couple shared sandwiches and a drink to wash it all down!


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