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All the things that you can do at Madrid Río

Between 2006 and 2011, ten kilometres that run adjacent with the Manzanares River through Madrid were given a major facelift, today being one of the best green spaces in the city. Here's a handy how to guide on making the most of it.

All the things that you can do at Madrid Río

Since the spring of 2011, Madrilians can enjoy the river of the city: the Manzanares. Did you know that it was impossible before? The reason was the M-30 motorway, one of the most important traffic arteries in the city. It prevented to access the river because there were many bridges and rails that crossed the runway. After five years of works, the road was buried and now everybody can have a good time in Madrid Río, 10 kilometers of park near the river.

The Manzanares streambed is perfect to practice sports or spend your time under the sun. Here we collect all the things that you can do there:

  • Walking: because sometimes we forget the pleasure of walking, alone or with someone. Just relax and enjoy the walk. It is free and healthy!
  • Running next to the river: we know that the Manzanares is not as big as the Thames or Seine but… it is our river and we love it. Because of this, running along the streambed is one of Madrilians’ favorite sports.
  • Riding a segway: if taking a walk or running are not your perfect plan, you can rent a segway and go all over Madrid Río without effort. Segway Trip offers a one or two hours tour. It is funny and easier than it seems (€29 per one hour and €49 per two hours).
  • Cycling: there are 7 km of cycleway in Madrid Río, so why don’t use them? It is possible to rent a bike, tandems or karts in MibikeRío, where you can also keep your own bike all the year. Or in Eco Moving Sports a bike is waiting for you.
  • Rowing: it is not an activity for everybody since, if you want to row, you must sign up for Escuela de Remo de Madrid Río (Madrid Rio Rowing School). They practice Olympic rowing since 2012. There are 1.2 kilometers in the river reserved to rowers (information: escuelamanzanares@remomadrid.org and phone +34 914 070 094).
  • Drinking and eating: along the river there are a lot of small bars where you can stop and recharge your battery with an ice cream, a coffee, sandwiches, etc. But, if you prefer to have lunch or dinner with the best views of the Manzanares, La Almudena and the Royal Palace, Cafe del Río is the place (daily menu, 10,50 €).
  • More sports!: yes, because there are skating rinks, soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts. So, hang out with your friends (or met someone there) and play!
  • Madrid beach: we are not crazy. In summer Madrid has its own ‘beach’ thanks to Madrid Río. One of the parts of the route has fountains and streams where it is possible to swim and play in the water. In addition, there is an area with loungers to just relax.
  • Like a child: this is a park, so we could not forget the swings, slides, zip line, etc. All environmental friendly (made of wood).
  • Go to Matadero and enjoy exhibitions: what more do you need to explain? Matadero de Madrid is the new cultural core of the city. There is always something interesting to see there, like cinema festivals, theatre, expositions…
  • Sunbathing or doing a picnic in the gardens: as good as simple. On a sunny day it is the best plan. Just take some sandwiches, drinks and tanning lotion.
  • Architecture: there are many bridges crossing the river. Some are modern as Perrault Bridge (known by Madrilians as “the ringlet”) and others have a lot of history like Puente de Toledo, which was built in 1732 by Pedro de Ribera and named like that because it was the old way to go to Toledo city. Taking a photo of them in different moments of the day is fantastic.

Who said that Madrid Río was boring?

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