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‘Tejas verdes’: A theater performance charged with emotion

‘Tejas Verdes’ will make you feel incredible feelings never seen before in a theater. Colorina was a young girl tortured in Chile during the Pinochet dictatorship. Why was she there? Which was her ending?

tejas-verdesWe love going to the theater because we can feel the vibration of the actors, the emotion in their eyes and their words hang in the air above us. It’s a marvelous feeling that only comes from a live performance: this is not like just going to the theater. Don’t misunderstand, we also love going to the cinema! But after seeing Tejas Verdes, we’ve fallen that much more in love with the theater.

Fermin Cabal has re-written his piece titled Tejas Verdes and you can see it performed at La Sala Nueve Norte from the 31st of October until the 28th of November every Saturday at 20:00 and 22:30. The play is about the torturous acts seen during the Pinochet dictatorship in the 1970’s in Chile. The young protagonist, “Colorina”, gets scared just relaying her story to the audience. She acts alongside of other female characters who help the progression of the story such as her mother, best friend, etc. This play has an all female cast.

You spend 80 minutes submerged in an emotional roller coaster and the emotions of the actors are palpable. The Sala Nueve Norte is small, that’s why the tension is that much more present. You can feel the emotions of not only the actors, but also the audience. You’ll leave the audience feeling full of strength.

Tickets: 12€.


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