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Easy Day Trips to take from Madrid

Are you living in Madrid or planning a trip to here soon? No trip to Madrid is complete without taking a day trip to one of the beautiful cities nearby. Have a look at what to see and how to get to a few of the cities close to Madrid.

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CONSUEGRA: The Windmill City

Consuegra is an enchanting little day trip waiting to happen.

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Puente time is Travel time! Valencia and Murcia!

With all the puentes coming up it is the perfect time to travel. And what is better then travelling light and easy? For some of us light can be a challenge, but easy can be fixed. Take the train in Spain. Try the Altaria that connects you to the Southern region of Spain. Or hop on the AVE high speed train and you will be enjoying freshly made paella on the beach in no time.

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Day Trips from Madrid: Manzanares El Real

Day Trips from Madrid: Manzanares El Real how to get there, and what to see.

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