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Stockmann: Art Imitates Reality

Stockmann is a classic work, with timeless twists. Corruption, morality and right and wrong are recurring themes in this play on now at Fernán Gómez.

Stockmann: Art Imitates Reality

Mad4Madrid recently had the pleasure of attending a press release for a show that will debuts in Madrid on the 6th of October, and will run until the 1st of November. (Sala Jardiel Poncela) Not only was the preview enough to grasp the audience’s attention, the actors stuck around afterwards to chat and they were so very humble, and passionate about their latest project. After the preview, we can understand why!

Stockmann is not a new work, in fact, it’s over 100 years old! The reason that it hasn’t faded into oblivion yet is because the themes addressed in this piece are, and will continue to be culturally relevant. The original text is by Heinrik Ibsen; however, it was adapted for the stage by Oriol Tarrasón. We learned that the original play only lasted one day in theaters because it struck such a nerve with the audience and the powers-at-be. Luckily, this time around, the work has been successful throughout Barcelona and Cataluña and Valencia, and has landed full force in Madrid.

Stockmann is a story about a town that relies solely on a balneario,or spa bathhouse as their main, and most lucrative tourist attraction. Dr. Stockmann, the protagonist, has discovered that the beloved bathhouse is full of contaminated water, and as a doctor, he seeks to warn people about the health risks. He represents the moral side of society, and we follow as Stockmann faces resistance and conflict from the other opposing forces of the town.

The central idea of Stockmann the play, is that of good vs. evil, moral vs. immoral, light vs. dark and wrong vs. right. The original title of the play was: Un enemigo del pueblo or loosely translated An enemy of the town.

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