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Spanish Halloween Costumes! Loading…

Will you be in Madrid for Halloween? This article will provide some great costume options for spanish inspired attire. Who’s ready to dress like a true madrileño?

Are you going to be in Madrid for Halloween and wondering what to wear? In every country there is a particular style and Spain doesn’t disappoint. Spain has a unique style and quite a few options for Halloween.

Flamenco Inspired

Flamenco is an art form based on folkloric music traditions. Basically, it is a cultural dance originated in the south of Spain. For women, the flamenco outfit is very colorful and extravagant. The dress can have ruffles, sheer lace, sleeves, etc. it really just depends on what you like. For males the costumes are significantly less extravagant than the dresses. The most excitement your costume would have is ruffles on the sleeves or around the neck.

Torero Inspired

Simply put a bull fighter costume. What guys wear as a bullfighter is usually very bright and elaborate. They have a cape (yup you can be a pretend superhero. You practically have two costumes in one) and a hat. Typically, you wouldn’t see women participating in this sport but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a costume for them.  Not feeling all the frill from the fighter costume, don’t worry it’s not for everyone. Let’s not forget about the bull himself! Dressing up as the bull could be fun.


Picador Inspired

This is also related to bull fighting. A picador is the person riding on the horse who distracts the bull from the fighter. So if you want to feel like you have a dangerous career this would be the perfect costume for you.

Let’s not forget about the bear and strawberry tree

A true madrileño costume dressing up like the bear or the strawberry tree or both (if you are creative enough). Dressing as one of the players of Real Madrid is another way you can pay homage to Madrid.



Let’s talk food for a second

Silly food costumes are a bottle of olive oil or a jar of Sangría. Shoot if you are really daring you can dress up as Paella (yea, we will leave it up to you to interpret how you want to pull it off and how far you want to go).

PSA/Tip – dreading actually having to wear a costume. Instead of the costume, wear all black and pin a picture of whatever character you are on your shirt. Bam, just like that everyone knows what you are trying to be without all the hassle.

Leave a comment below to let us know what is your favorite costume is and what’s your go to costume.

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