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Smoothies and Shakes: Gran Via and Chueca Have Got It

Get your smoothie fix!

Smoothies and Shakes: Gran Via and Chueca Have Got It

Smoothies are where it’s at! I was sent to find out where in Madrid. If you want to feel somewhat healthier after passing up some ice cream, check these places out behind Gran Via in Chueca and in surrounding areas.

Juicy Avenue has quite a few different locations scattered across the city. The most notable one is the one located in Chueca, they are known for their wraps, salads, and of course, smoothies. You can add protein and other bases to it for a complete post-workout meal. They also have low calorie fro-yo that seems to one of the most popular menu items.

Santa Teresa is a small market, restaurant, patio, and you guessed it, smoothie site. Although, it is on Calle Jorge Juan, it still made this list. Why? They hold a variety of fresh tropical fruit to make their banana-pineapple smoothie and it was worth it. 










Café Vivares is a restaurant, bar, and smoothie joint. The decoration inside make it nothing short of adorable, but besides hosting a full menu, their smoothie options are also great. For about 4€ you can get one that is very well presented and freshly made.

He is contemplating getting a smoothie…


Tommy Mel’s This restaurant has the look of a typical 1950’s American burger joint. They’re not only famous for their burgers and fries: they have “freakshakes”. This is like a milkshake but more dessert toppings added to it. If you’re up for it, order one just around the corner from the last place mentioned. Be ready to suppress your sugar tooth for, like, a century.

Más que un batido! (More than a milkshake) #lol



Five Guys Similar to the style of the one mentioned above, this American chain has lines forming for their burgers. However, they offer classic milkshakes with basic ingredients but they are great. They have: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, oreo, salted caramel, cherry and a handful more. Because sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned type thing, right? (with whipped cream and a cherry on top, of course).


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