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What to Do and See in the Casa de Campo Madrid

Have you been to one of the largest and most beautiful urban parks in Europe? Lucky for you (and us) it’s located right here in Madrid! Casa de Campo is a wonderful natural oasis with tons of activities to do ranging from kayaking to mountain bike trails to a full-fledged theme park!

Casa de Campo - Madrid

La Casa de Campo is not just one of the biggest urban parks in Europe, it’s an amazing ecosystem where you can enjoy nature, see animals, practice sports, eat, go for a walk and definitely have fun with all your friends in Madrid.

This park is 6,5 times bigger than Hyde Park in London or two times bigger than Bois de Boulogne in Paris and now you can find out ten amazing thing to do in the best green space in the city:


The park has its own wildlife but if you want to see something more exotic, go to the Zoo Aquarium of Madrid. You will see incredible animals such as giant panda, monocled cobra, asian elephant, siberian tiger or even dolphins. In total you will see more than 6000 animals of 500 different species. And of course, a lot of places to eat, drink and have fun with the animals.

Giant Panda Zoo Aquarium Casa de Campo Madrid

Theme Park

Casa de Campo is so big that you can find an entire theme park within. It’s the Parque de Atracciones. Next to the Batán metro station (L10), in this park you will enjoy three different areas including Nickelodeon Land (anyone asked about Sponge Bob?). The most popular attractions are the Lanzadera (the first free fall attraction in Spain), Tornado and Abismo (roller coasters) and The Walking Dead Experience.

Roller Coaster Casa de Campo Madrid

Cable Car

Beginning in Paseo del Pintor Rosales and ending in the heart of Casa de Campo, the Teleférico is the perfect transportation to take a walk into the woods of the park. During the trip you will hear an explanation (in Spanish) about the history of Madrid and the monuments you will see during this time. Don’t forget your camera cause there will be a lot of chances to take amazing pictures of the sunset of Madrid.

Cable Car Casa de Campo Madrid


Clean air, soft ground and silence. All these three thing makes Casa de Campo the best area to run in Madrid. You can choose flat ways or paths with differents landforms to do your best and sweat. Join other runners and make friends in the process. If you don’t have want, you can rent one for 5€ per hour aproximately in the stores located all along the river.


Bike Trails

If you like running in the park you may also love to bike. It’s the perfect spot for mountain bikes but there are also areas suitable for regular bikes. Perfect place for kids and parents who want to breath clean air and enjoy the silence of the forest.

Riding a bike in the park


But there is also time for a break, and spring is the best season to go out, enjoy the sun of Madrid and eat something with your friends under a tree or in one of the tables and benches all around the park, when you can eat some snacks and have a drink with your friends. If you need anything else, there is a cafeteria, right in the middle of the park.


Concerts and Events

Really? In the park? Yes. There is a complex within where several events are held throughout the year. Rock concerts, exhibitions, fairs, sport events… Have a look at our agenda and be ready to hear about when your favourite bands and artists are coming to Madrid.



Five minutes walking from the east gate of the park you can find a small lake. In the lake there are several aquatic activities such as kayaking. Book your classes and learn to paddle in a city 300km away from the seaside. If you are good enough maybe you can join a team.



There are several hidden treasures in Casa de Campo: puente de la Culebra (1782), bunkers of the Civil War, Palacio de los Vargas (1773) and other constructions the Fuente de Neveros (1933). So you can enjoy your wal to learn a little bit about the history of the park and the city.

Puente en la Casa de Campo

Nature: Fauna and Flora

Of course, Casa de Campo is a park and is full of trees, flowers, bushes and different animals. Oaks, pines and aspens are the most common trees. If you look carefully your could find rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs and lizards. Sometimes you will see wild boars. And in the lake you’ll see barbus, carps and many others.


Casa de Campo is an amazing place, not far from the city center and full of life. You can literally do funny things there every single week. Once the good weather arrives, it’s probably one of the best places in the city.

Choose your plan and enjoy!

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