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Mageryt: El Orígen

Map: Mageryt: El Orígen

Madrid has an exhilarating history, and one of its names was Mageryt, Discover its historic center means one must pass through Puerta del Sol, the street and the Plaza Mayor, arrive at the Palacio Real and the Almudena Cathedral… but living each step and appreciating the distinct sensation of seeing and feeling the city in a different way thanks to our guides. You will see the rest of the old city walls, you´ll meet an old, curious neighbor, discover the surprising history of the virgin of the Almudena and you´ll stroll through corners that only we know about.

Monuments, history, legends.. spend a surprising morning that excites all your senses.

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El ratoncito Pérez, The Tooth Fairy

El ratoncito Pérez, The Tooth Fairy

Really close to Puerta de Sol you´ll find his house-- museum of this peculiar character, The protagonist of this story is a mouse, and it was invented by father Coloma who already knew of a similar story that was written in France in the XVIII century. Father Coloma write lots of stories, but this one specifically was adapted for the future king Alfonso XIII towards the end of the XIX century.

Do you dare find his house and discover his history. It really is hidden.
Luis Candelas, el “Robin Hood” de Madrid

Luis Candelas, el “Robin Hood” de Madrid

This thief wasn´t as savage as they portrayed him in the past, yes, he robbed the rich only, but what did he do with the loot? On our tour we tell you about this romantic character from the beginnings of the XIX century and his exciting adventures.

Discover his lair with us!
San Isidro, the patron saint of  Madrid

San Isidro, the patron saint of Madrid

The rest of our patron can be found in the Colegiata that shares his name on Calle Toledo. A story full of miracles and incredible acts that will transport us to the XI century to Mageryt that both the ARabs and Christians shared. San Isidro´s story is going to leave you astonished.

Did you know that they took off one of his arms in the IV century? And that they stole bits of his hair and clothes in XVI because they were considered miraculous?

You have to come and discover the origins of these historical events with us!
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