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'Restotecas', the perfect mix between a restaurant and a bookstore

Fifty restaurants of Madrid are involved in this original idea: give a book to their guests after their lunch or dinner. The places are called “restotecas” (a mix between restaurant and bookstore) and the initiative is “Cenas con historia”.

IMG-20150203-WA0002The concept of “restoteca” is new -really brand new- albeit very easy to understand: it is a restaurant where you can have lunch or dinner and, after dessert, you are given a book, like a sort of second dessert.

Book lovers will be happy because the copies offered are not in the bookstores yet, they are exclusive for customers! So, if you fancy gastronomy and reading, this is totally your ideal plan. As it is if you are looking to surprise someone, since most of the menus are for 2 people.

There are 50 restaurants -or “restotecas” from now on- taking part of this initiative also called Cenas con historia (Dinners with stories). Prices range from 12€ to 50€ and novels change every month. During March, the chosen novel is Sexistencilismo.

One of our favorite menus is the one of La Hispana, because the plates are tasty, filling and just for 14€ (per person):

First plates to share:

  • Tomato and tuna salad
  • Crispy fried squid with quince alioli

Second (choose one):

  • Pork sirloin with Porto wine sauce
  • Mock tender in its sauce
  • Beef burger with cheese, caramelized onions, bacon and sweet pickle mayonnaise

Dessert (choose one):

  • Brownie with ice cream
  • French toasts

Drink: double beer, water, glass of Rioja wine or white Rueda wine.

And your book! 

It is important to note that you want the Cenas con historia menu when you make the reservation for your table. Don’t forget it.

All the details, “restotecas”, menus and books regarding this original plan can be found on its web.

Choose one, call to book, eat and … read! 

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