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Restaurants that Will Save Your Life: Chueca

This series will tackle the task of finding the restaurants to save your life in each barrio of Madrid. The first one: Chueca.

Restaurants that Will Save Your Life: Chueca

There are certain restaurants that will always come in handy when you’re in a pinch. Maybe they have a complete menu for less than 10€, or stay open until the wee hours of the morning, or maybe they have an attentive staff or are simply located right next to your favorite bar. Either way, these are your go-to places. Below we’ve compiled a few of our favorites in Chueca. This series will tackle the task of finding the restaurants to save your life in each barrio of Madrid.


Oishii Sushi & Ramen

What: Japanese sushi and ramen

Where: C/Miguel Moya, 6 (Metro: Callao)

Who: This restaurant is both sit-down and take-away. Even the vegetarians and vegans can find something on their  expansive menu.

When: Oishii is the place to go if you’ve been exploring the city, or a shopping spree on Gran Vía and you realize it’s 22:30h and you haven’t had dinner yet! Although they accept reservations, they are not necessary.

Why: Sushi is light, and ramen is filling. Either way, you leave satisfied. many late-night restaurants offer hamburgers, hotdogs or pizza; however, if you’d prefer a bit of green, fish, vegetables and savory flavors added to your “emergency dinner” then this is the place for you. The prices are extremely reasonable, all around 10€ and for the area, that’s a great deal!



Wok To Walk

What: Noodles and Fried Rice to take away

Where: C/Hortaleza, 7 and C/Mayor, 4.

Who: This restaurant is both sit-down and take-away. Perfect for the vegetarians because you add the ingredients that you want. So, it´’s also good for those who want to eat well, and for very little money as the price depends solely on what you choose to add.

When: When you are in a hurry, and you need to eat something on the way to where you’re going. Or simply when you want something quick and delicious,and you don’t want to wait for it.

Why: Because it’s healthy, simple and delicious and most of all because you design your plate as you wish by adding only the ingredients you want. Some times there’s a line, that’s why they’re so quick: in 5 minutes you’ll have your food.  The concept is really fun: first you select your base (egg noodles, Udon, wheat noodles or rice) and they sautee it in the wok with veggies and egg. That’s the base price of 4,95€. Then you add the extras, and there are at least 17 different things to choose from ranging from prawns, spinach, carrots, onion, broccoli, chicken, bamboo shoots, peanuts or crunchy onion. Each ingredient is priced differently. Last but not least, you pick a sauce and boom, that’s all! No matter what you choose, it’s not likely that you spend more than 10€ on lunch.



Who: The Good Burger

Where: C/ Gran Vía 22

What: Hamburgers

Why: First, you have to try the local delicacies, but no matter where you are you will come across one thing: the hamburger. And yes, some times you’ll crave it. You can choose from one of the many gourmet hamburger restaurants that there are in the city, but if you want a quick one go to the Good Burger. TGB is the most important hamburger chain in Spain. Quality hamburgers in a few minutes. The system is set up so that you don’t spend more than a few minutes waiting or deciding on your food. Their menu includes things like chicken BLT, pulled pork sandwiches and 6 different types of hot dogs. Fast, easy, and for the whole family.




Motto: Chueca

As this restaurant is a 5 minute walk from our offices, it has become a favorite, but with reason! They have several menu options and specialize in fresh, made-to-order pasta and pizza. There’s a menu for 8,90€ which includes salad, a drink and dessert; another for 1€ more with pasta, a drink and a dessert and the last for 10,90€ that includes a pizza (with up to 5 ingredients) a drink and dessert. They have the pasta on display, and you can choose from such options as gnocchi, tortellini, fusilli, farfalle or rigatoni. They also offer specialty pasta like pumpkin capelli, fagottini with cheese and pear and truffle ravioli. After you choose the pasta base, you add a sauce for 1€ and they range from carbonara, bolognese, pesto, or frutti di mare. There are larger menu options for those sharing that include 2 boxes of pasta, or pasta and a pizza that range from 11€ to 16€. As for the pizza, you choose based on the ingredients, and each one costs 50 cents only. For those on a diet, try one of their salads that are also fresh and flavorful. On the way out, grab a dessert sí o sí. Motto is the type of restaurant that you’ll want to come back to several times just to try all that they have to offer.

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