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Mitte, Urban Art and Reinvented Spanish Cuisine [CLOSED]

Mitte, traditional Spanish food with a twist: Gyozas a la madrileña, cocido, revolconas, potatoes and daring, bold croquettes . All in a place full of urban art. And in the heart of the city!

Mitte, Urban Art and Reinvented Spanish Cuisine [CLOSED]

Mitte restaurant is new in town and have come to tell their tale. It has an urban, modern and different roll, like their dishes, which are a tribute to a healthier and modernized traditional cuisine in Madrid. The chef Gonzalo Calzadilla and his right hand Juan Manuel Munoz, who have reinterpreted these classic flavors through the latest techniques of haute cuisine present the dishes in a modern and different way that seeks to entertain and amaze.

The restaurant is divided into two areas: On the ground floor, only 8 tables for a more intimate setting where you can enjoy three possible tasting menus, designed as a true gastronomic experience: the SOHO (4 courses) menu, the menu CHUECA (6 courses) and the king, the MITTE menu consisting of ten plates among which the duck cannelloni and chocolate infused with cinnamon.

Don’t drool too much, but the Veal cheeks have licorice and grapefruit caviar sauce (10 €), it’s so soft that it melts in your mouth; Marinated sardines with “Piparra” (Basque chili peppers) and tomato “Spanish toast” (12.5 €), delicious !; Gyoza dumplings filled with Madrid’s “cocido” (stew) With carrots potato cream and texturized “stew” soup (10 €), one of the snacks that most surprised us most because they have managed to get all the classic flavors of a cocido in a gyoza ; and the incredible “Revolconas” (Avila style) potatoes with sausage foam (9.5 €).

Croquettes also left us speechless. Choose between croquette of “chorizo” (Spanish sausage) and truffle, Croquette of calamari in its ink and coriander mayo or Croquette of “Ratatouille” and egg (€ 2.75 unit).

For dessert, Caramelized “torrijas” (Spanish toast) (6 €), Mango mousse with passion fruit and coconut ice cream (6 €) and much more.

Do not miss their precious graffiti and murals also because they are the works of Oscar San Miguel (Okuda) and ROSH333 (RLove) and Keko Buenavista artists.


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