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Free Funky Classes Until September 26th

There are funky dance classes going on now in Vallecas (Centro Juvenil El Sitio de mi recreo). This activity is free and on Mondays. Let’s have some fun-ky!

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BeerFest 2016 at La Tape: Beers with Free Pinchos

This week long event is in its fourth year and it´s such a success: BeerFest 2016 at La Tape. This year is dedicated to French Beers and there are free pinchos that have been created by several Madrid based blogs (free with every beer).

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Pedalea al pasado IV: Go Back In Time By Bike

Cerralbo Museum, Artes Decorativas Museum and Lázaro Galdiano Museum is participating in the European Mobility Week with Pedalea al pasado (Riding to the past). You will visit these three museums, cycling and all… wearing vintage or retro clothes!

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Ciento y Pico Market Rentrée Edition

This is the XXXIII Edition of the Ciento y Pico Market and they are celebrating the rentrée edition! What it means? The end of the summer, come back to work, to the cold days…but with a smile created thanks to 15 art, fashion and accessories brands.

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FestiBal con B de Bici 2016: Bike Festival at Matadero

On September 17th at Matadero in Madrid there will be a bike heaven set up for all the bikers and aspiring bikers. Don’t lose it! One day dedicated to the bikes with markets, foodtrucks, music…

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Apertura: Madrid Gallery Weekend

From September 15 to 17th, Apertura gives you the chance for visiting the best art galleries of the city. Completely free and with expert guides. And there will be free brunch but, where? Keep reading!

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FreakWars, Two Days of Role Playing Games

The entry is absolutely free and open to the public. Warhammer 40000, Infinity, Star Wars X-Wing, Magic, Pokémon, etc. Let’s play!!

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Días Nórdicos: Groups from Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark in Madrid

There is a music festival happening in Madrid with a variety of bands from our neighbors to the far, far north such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway! Días Nórdicos! With The Hearing (Finland), Nils Bech (Norway), Hey Elbow (Sweden) or Nelson Can (Denmark). And more free activities. Until September 23rd.

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II Festival de Cine Postal: Watch E.T or Brokeback Mountain For Free!

Correos gives us the he chance to watch again on the screen movies like ET or Brokeback Mountain. And completely free! From September 9th until 11th at Matadero de Madrid.

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Cómete Las Ventas: Madrid Food Market

This event gathers local producers, farmers, and cooks but all from Madrid. There will be tastings, show cooking sessions, live music, workshops, foodtrucks (as Cervezas La Virgen, La Finca…) and much, much more! And…completely free!

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