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Cartographies of the unknown: Magnetism of Maps

Maps are fascinating objects & their magnetism is universal. Cartographies of the unknown exhibition is made up of more than 200 works. Exhibited in Biblioteca Nacional it shows us what we do not know or help us see what we thought we knew!! Happening until 28th of January!!

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Mars: Conquest of a dream

Mars: Conquest of a dream exhibition will study the impact of Mars on the collective imaginary. In culture, cinema, music, literature, etc. Starting from November 8th in Espacio Telefónica Foundation!! Get ready to get amazed by this interesting exhibition!!

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Apertura Madrid 2017: The Gateway to Contemporary Art

Apertura Madrid is back again on the weekend of September 14th to the 16th. You can visit 44 contemporary art museums all for free. Find which ones you can visit inside the article.

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Celebrate World Day of the Arepa

This weekend a lot of restaurants in the city center offer free tasting arepa samples. Don’t miss it out! Madrid celebrates the World Day of the Arepa. This gastronomic city is on top of mind international for its culinary evolution in every way.

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La Celeste, festival of sustainable mobility

Every city should be a heavy contributor to the sustainability and that’s what Madrid tries to do. The City Council of Madrid proposes several activities to promote sustainable mobility and fighting against climate change.

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Feria Sierra Norte Madrid 2017

At Venturada, nearest to Madrid, on September 9 and 10. Enjoy handcrafted products as wine, cheese, jam, bread, honey, artisan beers… And without pollution.

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Free Meditation Classes During One Week at Malasaña

You will improve your concentration, the quality of your ideas and stay positive. From September 4th till September 10th, it is possible to try a mindfulness guided class at Meditación Kadampa (Malasaña and Majadahonda).

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Alfred Hitchcock Is Spending his Holidays at Aranjuez

North by Northwest, The birds and Rear Window, films by the thriller master Hitckcock, will be shown at Aranjuez, under the stars. Yes, it is a new outdoor cinema and it is happening at this little city full of history and really near to Madrid.

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La Plaza en Verano 2017: The Best Square in Summer is Matadero Madrid

In August is back this single space in which to experience the best of the creative and pop scene in Madrid and enjoy the summer nights. On Friday and Saturday, at 8pm. And free!

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