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7 ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Madrid

It’s no secret St Patrick’s Day is also celebrated in Madrid, and there is plenty to jot down in your events diary for the holiday ahead. Mad4Madrid brings you 7 lucky ways to celebrate the Irish national holiday. Including kareoke, cooking up some delicious bow ties, and playing Gaelic football. And yes, there will be parties as well.

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St Patrick with Gruta 77. Get ready to shamRock!

Celebrate a St Patrick’s Day that rocks at Gruta 77. Live music, beer, punk, and surprises, its its St Patrick’s set to a whole new tempo.

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II Festival Visibles (Visability Fest): Diversity on the Stage

From the 16th of March to the 9th of April, Sala Tarambana brings you a performing arts festival that opens the stage to artistic talents that refuse to be restricted by their disabilities. 

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5th Anniversary of Café Berlín

On Friday the 10th of March, one of Madrid’s classic live venues will celebrate 5 years at its new venue. With a track record like Berlín Café’s, this is not an event you want to miss.

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Expo Food Trucks Madrid 2017

The second edition of Expo Food Trucks is this week in Madrid! From February 28th to March 6th at Nuevos Ministerios train station, with demostrations, show cookings for free and food on wheels!

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Ellas Crean 2017

Ellas Crean is back for their 13th edition of their multi-faceted celebration which includes dance, theater, poetry, acting, photography, cinematography, debates and more. From March 1st until April 7th.

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Calle Gourmet- Last Days

Street food is finally here to stay. Coming to the Centro Commercial Ermita this weekend (and every weekend after!) is permanent roadside foodie experience you’ve all been waiting for. Calle Gourmet will be open every Friday to Sunday.

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Volada Boogie Roller Disco

Attention disco lovers, this is one for you. Chamartín is getting ready to get funky this weekend with Volada Disco Roller Boogie. Skates, flares, twirls, and 80s magic. What more could you want?

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MADATAC 2017: International Acontemporary Festival of Digital Audiovisual & New Media Art

MADATAC is a festival about music, sound and video. But all about the digital arts and technology. The festival will take place in Centro Conde Duque with free activities and concerts around 15€. From January 12th to February 8th.

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San Silvestre Vallecana 2016: 10km Race on New Year’s Eve

The San Silvestre is a famous race that happens on December 31st at Vallecas neighborhood. It’s a great way to start the New Year on the right foot! And it’s only 10 kms, why not?

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