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Let yourself be kidnapped in Madrid

If you are a fan of escape games and have already tried everything, in Madrid a new modality has been born: Kidnappings. Hooded with handcuffs and 1 hour to escape. Do you really think you can win it? Mad4Madrid shares their experience with you.

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International Jazz Festival: Madrid 2017

An invitation to listen and enjoy jazz music where melodies from different styles and cultures will come together in the International Jazz Festival of Madrid 2017!! Happening from November 2nd until November 30th. Get your tickets today!!

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Todopoderoso Chaplin

Reserve your free tickets here, and fish out your most moth-eaten blazer for a side-splitting night the likes of which hasn’t been seen for the better half of a century. On February 14th, at 19:00h.

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Summer Run: Marathon Training

Will you spend August in Madrid? Are you runner? So…there’s a group for you to train with and there will also be specific exercises and training sessions depending on the needs of the group to teach you how to run properly!

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