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Original Version Cinema in Madrid: Where to Watch Films in English

Let’s be honest: some things simply do not translate well, and if you’re an English-speaking movie goer in Madrid sometimes you need the real thing. Here’s a list of Cinemas in Madrid that show original version films!

Let’s be honest: some things simply do not translate well! But, that’s alright! This is a judgment free zone. There are plenty of bilingual people who still prefer to watch films in their original language, and there’s nothing wrong with that! If you’re an English-speaking movie goer in Madrid, here are the top theaters you can go to to watch your favorite films in English with Spanish subtitles! There are several cinemas in Madrid that show films in their original version.


Keep these things in mind:

  • Buy your tickets online and avoid waiting in line! Some cinemas in Madrid have their own apps or member’s clubs so that you can download your tickets right to your phone via email, or their own platform. We usually buy our tickets in advance, and pick them up using the machines as there’s never too long of a line.
  • In Spain, most theaters come with an assigned seat. Another plus for buying your tickets online is that you can choose the exact row and seat number, and also see just how full the theater is for your movie / session.
  • Cine Yelmo: offers a discount every Wednesday. The deal is valid for both online, and in-theater purchases, and tickets cost 3,90€! (Regular price is 9,20€) Currently, they’re running a special from Monday to Friday: 3,90€ for all movies before 18h!
  • Renoir has two different locations: Plaza de España and Princesa
  • Ciné Doré shows all films in original version including French, German, and English. They’re one of the few cinemas in Madrid that are low´cost all year round! Tickets cost 2,5€ and they offer discounts for students, retired people, the unemployed, as well as packs of 10 films for a discounted price. The interior is just as stunning as the exterior: classic, ornate and beautifully restored. Check their website for a full calendar of the films to be shown, as well as the language. If you arrive ahead of schedule, there’s a café inside that sells coffee and tea to enjoy while you wait!

VO Cinema Madrid

Original Version Cinema in Madrid

Cine Ideal [Temporarily Closed]



Cine Doré

Círculo de Bellas Artes


Cines Verdi

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