Cool Pools in Madrid (because it’s really hot outside)

These pools make the heat a little more bearable.

Cool Pools in Madrid (because it’s really hot outside)

Pools are a desperate need throughout the summer, unfortunately finding a great pool can be a very daunting thing. Screaming hoards of children and self-entitled lifeguards are not found in any of these in the list below:

Most municipal pools (marked  **) this summer are 4.60 per adult entrance and operate between the hours of 11:00 to 21:00. 


  1. **Centro Deportivo Municipal Casa de Campo– Located in Casa de Campo this municipal pool has a cool view.

  2. Universidad Complutense– The entrance is 4 euros a person, and you have to present your student or teacher ID to enter. There is a bar and restaurant area and an impressive diving pool next to the main pool.
  3. **Centro Deportivo Municipal Francos Rodríguez– This pool is located in the Ciudad Universitaria/Moncloa area and hasa cute park-like feel to it. There are also volleyball courts.
  4. Centro Deportivo Municipal Escuelas de San Antón– This aquatic center in Chueca offers classes and hosts many swim competitions throughout the year. The outdoor pool runs on a schedule found here. 
  5. Forus Chamartín– The great thing about this pool, which is also a expansive gymnasium, is that it is right at the Pio XII Metro exit. It is updated, clean, modern, and has an awesome outdoor sunbathing area.

If you desire a more adventurous route, these make for a more “grown up” evening, or just some great pictures:

Room Mate Oscar Hotel

It’s hard to miss a hotel who has the words, “Will You Sleep With Me?” sprawled across the whole front entrance. Anyway, if you do overlook this obvious cue, it’s nestled right in Chueca at the edge of Gran Via. If you’re lucky to get a spot at the top, the terrace is made for cocktails, lounging, and… swimming? Yes, on top of Room Mate Oscar Hotel is the cutest little pool, like, ever. You can make a reservation on their site. 

Hotel Índigo

Like many of its sister locations known worldwide, Teresa Sapey’s design is nothing short of trendy. This pool carries the same tell-tale Indigo appearance as the other 9 worldwide locations. If you’ve seen any of the Indigo locations, you’ll know that they are known for their rooftop infinity pools. If you do decide to go in be informed the pool has a see through end that can be a little scary for those with fear of heights. Nonetheless, it has one of the best views of the city.

The SkyLounge is the name of their terrace and more information can be found here. 

Hotel Santo Domingo

Oh gee, what can be said about this pool? Um, it’s awesome, duh. Cheesy banter aside, this pool has an amazing view of El Palacio Real. Swimming while looking at a palace sounds pretty majestic to us, I don’t know about you. Additionally, as the pools mentioned above, there is a cocktail area by the pool featuring specials that change through their Sunset Lookers night events and social group.


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  • Sophie Lloyd

    Hi Stephanie, this is a great post. It’s definitely hot in Madrid right now and the pool is the best place to be. I often go to the Casa de Campo pool and I also like Centro Deportivo Vicente del Bosque’s outdoor public pools. Hotel pools are another option but a bit more expensive. I just wrote an article about my favorite outdoor pools in Madrid that I thought you might like to read too. Thanks!