Open Mics in Madrid

See yourself as a budding singer, poet, comic, or musician? Then listen up. We have handpicked some of our favourite open mic events to open their doors on a Madrid working week.

Open Mics in Madrid

The open mic (micro abierto) was born in the English-speaking world as a way of sharing the spotlight with those new acts that were not yet established enough to perform in theatres or other more traditional venues. As environment in which encouraged collaboration and creative exchange, these events would bring together those artists with similar styles and ideas, enabling them to be recognised not only by the public, but also by each other.

Open mics are becoming increasingly popular in Spain. For the venues they are a guaranteed full house on any working day when, other normal circumstances, patrons would not normally turn out. While for the aspiring artist, comic, or musician, they provide an excellent oportunity to connect with like-minds, and showcase their work to the public.

For this article, we have handpicked some of our favourite open mic events to open their doors on a Madrid working week. Will you break a leg at one of them?

In the English-speaking world, the term ‘open mic’ is a free for all, encompassing an almost limitless range styles and genres. Practically anyone can take to the stage, be it to sing, read, rap, crack jokes, or whatever they feel will entertain the audience.

In Madrid however, open mic events are specialised, according to the venue, into different cultural ‘sectors’. There are pubs where the mic is only open to musicians, others which cater solely to comedians, some in which different artforms may be presented together (Eg poetry and comedy), and a select few in which content is left open to the artists discretion.

For this reason in our list of choice open mics, organised by days of the week, we have added a description detailing the what kind of scene is to be expected at each venue, so that you may know which is right for you, it so you can sit back in the audience, or take your chances on stage. The majority of events take place on work nights and during the evening (sometimes Sundays), as the weekends tend to reserved for more mainstream forms of entertainment.

A disclaimer: don’t forget that open mics are not aimed at professional artists. Anyone can take part. This isn’t Inside Llewyn Davis, so don’t have your hopes pinned on finding Bob Dylan at the open mic stage of your choice. There is talent of course, but the vast majority of performers are amateurs or, at the very most, part of the madrileño underground. We say this to avoid any misunderstandings as whoever takes to the stage is allowed to mess up.

Having said that, here comes our choice selection of open mics in Madrid!


Micro Abierto Sala Hebe. Madrid Comedy Club.

Where: Sala Hebe. c/ Tomás García, 5. Metro Puente de Vallecas.

Time: 22:30

Entrance: Free

Description: An open mic for comedians (mainly stand-up artists) looking to try out new material. The content is often all in Spanish and aimed at a Spanish-speaking audience (from Vallecas if we’re going to nitpick).

Should I make a reservation? You shouldn’t need to.


Open Mic Honky Tonk

Where: Honky Tonk, c/ Covarrubias, 24. Metro Alonso Martínez.

When: 00:30.

Entrance: Free.

Description: an open mic just for acoustic rockers at a classic Madrid venue. The event is organised by Spaniards and the audience is often Spanish speaking, although you won’t have to show your DELE to land a seat!

Should I make a reservation? You shouldn’t need to.

Micro abierto Libertad 8

Where: Libertad 8. c/ Libertad, 8. Metro Chueca.

When: 19.00.

Entrance: Free.

Description: a classic open mic with years of experience serving up singer-songerwriters to the crowd. The event is run by the venue and frequented local patrons and artisits, but again, if you’re foreign and want to take part, there is nothing stopping you.

Should I make a reservation? If it is your first time taking the mic at Micro abierto, you should send an email prior to coming. If you’ve already had the pleasure, stop by at 18:30 to sign yourself up.


Micro abierto bar Picnic

Where: Picnic. Calle Minas, 1. Metro Noviciado.

Entrance: entrada gratuita.

Description: The most established open mic in Madrid. This event has made such a name for itself that it is often frequented by talent scouts from Comedy Central. Hosted by the famous stand-up comedian Ignatius Farray.

Should I make a reservation? Yes. It’s a perpetual full house!


Open Mic Triskel Tavern

Where: Triskel Tavern. c/ San Vicente Ferrer, 3. Metro Tribunal.

When: 22.30.

Entrance: Free. Free drink for participants.

Description: Madrid’s first open mic. Years of tradition and the excellent organisational skills of Richard Harris make this even something unique. With a majority (and sometimes exclusively) English-speaking audience, this open mic is true to the original concept of the open mic. Whoever wants to participate is free to do so and showcase whatever talents they may have, although musicians tend to dominate the scene.

Should I make a reservation? There’s no need.

Open Mic The Irish Rover

Where: The Irish Rover. Avenida de Brasil, 7. Metro Santiago Bernabéu.

When: 22.30.

Entrance: Free. Open bar for whoever braves the stage!

Description: one of the few open mics with all the gadgets so that bands can properly showcase their talent. With a spanish/english-speaking mix in the audience, the event is organised by Dan Wrigh and the owners of the Irish Rover. The room is often full so come early. Events normally roll round the last Thursday of every month, although there are some exceptions.

Should I make a reservation? There’s no need.


Open Mic Café La Palma

Where: Café La Palma. c/ de la Palma, 62. Metro Noviciado.

When: 21.00.

Entrance: Free.

Description: this mic is open to whoever wants to participate, whatever their talent, though many tend to be musicians. Acoustic music, unbeatable service, and a professional stage, make this perhaps the best open mic in Madrid. The audience is a mixed but largely English-speaking. Runs two Sundays a month.

Should I make a reservation? There’s no need, but you should try to get there as early as possible if you don’t want to fall too far down on the programme.

Next open mic: : March 23rd.




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