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Mérimée, A Breath of Fresh Air on Fuencarral

This restaurant works for any occasion, any time and with whomever you want! It fits into any plans. The price is just right. We love the latest restaurant on Fuencarral: Mérimée.

Mérimée, A Breath of Fresh Air on Fuencarral

Fuencarral is one of those streets that you can’t miss if you visit Madrid: there are stores, markets, restaurants, live music (on the weekends, you’ll find a quartet that always plays), beautiful buildings, cafeterias… And apart from that it’s closed off from cars! It’s one of this street in Madrid that we discovered Mérimée…

On such a popular street, a restaurant like this is a breath of fresh air. In spite of its large door, and glass entrance, we didn’t hear any noise from the street. There was only conversation and soft music. In the morning: breakfast; midday: aperitifs, and at night we know what time dinner starts, but not what time the cocktails will end.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend the Veggie Tempura Fina with sesame oil and cherry alioli. The vegetables are varied, and with a touch of sesame oil and cherry alioli they’re even more delicious. Well-fried and large portions.

You can continue on to the Crunch eggplant with salmorejo, you know, that typical creamy soup from the South of Spain made from tomato, bread, oil and garlic. It has more spices than gazpacho. How does one eat this dish? You dip your spoon in the salmorejo before each bite of the eggplant. Yes, you read correctly: eggplant + salmorejo. We promise that it’s really tasty.

For the main course, you can order any one of their hamburgers like the  Amatricia Burger with focaccia bread, ox meat, crunchy cheese and a reduction of tomato, onion, and red pepper. Each bite, more delicious than the last. You could also be more adventurous, and take a chance on the Mushroom risotto with champagne and parmesan cheese. Trust us, you will not regret ordering this dish. It’s marvelous: creamy and full of flavor.

For dessert you’ve got the Blueberry cheesecake or the Homemade Nutella cake with cookies and Lacasitos. For drinks, you need only go up to the bar and order whichever you like the most or check out their drink menu. They offer Pisco sours, Bellinis or Daiquiris. On top of that, before 21h cocktails cost 6,5€ and the mixed drinks cost 5,5€ which makes it a great place to start your night!

The decor is simple, yet deliberate. All of the tables are made of wood, but the chairs are mixed and matched. There is low lighting, wood paintings with bicycles, plants… and the bar, frankly, is one we’d all love to have in our house. If when you walk in, you notice that it’s full, don’t worry. There’s a lower level with even more space.


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