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New Year’s Eve in Madrid: Our Picks of the Day

Let your eyes peruse south to our Mad4Madrid New Year’s Eve in Madrid Last Supper 2016 Thank God That’s Over Menu del Día. Or M4MNYEMLS2016TGTOMD for short. Menu includes an excess of drink, postre, and 6 plans to make this New Year’s Eve in Madrid your best yet. Bon Appetit!

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Open Mics in Madrid

See yourself as a budding singer, poet, comic, or musician? Then listen up. We have handpicked some of our favourite open mic events to open their doors on a Madrid working week.

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Summer Music Agenda Spain: 23-47

Back again with the second, and final installation of the Mad4Madrid Summer Music Festival Agenda! There are music concerts from all over Spain with the details on where to stay, and of course, what to eat! Summer in Spain starts now, will you be left wondering? Or will you keep reading?

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Calle Ponzano: Time to start #ponzaning

Calle Ponzano has become a go-to spot in Madrid for foodies. The tapas and beers are some of the best in Madrid. But it’s not just that, you can find all types of bars and locals to have cocktails that are authentic and also traditional.

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Carnival Encyclopedia: Words to Know this Carnival Season

Carnival is the funniest season of the year! Select a role and make your costume. But do you know the basic words in Spanish like “pregón” or “chirigota” to survive to the carnival?

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Discover the amazing Christmas lights of Madrid

The Christmas lights in Madrid is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Here are a few suggested routes to ensure that you don’t miss the best that the Christmas holiday in Madrid has to offer! We tell you where to go, with maps and insider tips!

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Mad4Madrid Playlist to Get You in the Halloween Spirit:

Halloween is absolutely incomplete without a spooky Halloween Playlist. We’ve found the soundtrack to your Halloween festivities! All songs can be accessed for FREE through our Spotify playlist.

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Escape games: Only for the Brave at Heart

Madrid is full of escape games. A team experience where you are the protagonist, saving the world from zombies or solve a murder. Here we present a list with the best. Pure adrenaline! Keep reading to find all about the tremendous fun at Fox in a Box, Parapark and Exit Game!

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Madrid knows how to play music

Madrid hosts a lot of places where you can drink a beer or a glass of wine while enjoying listening to jazz, rock, pop or the best DJs: Moby Dick, Honky Tonk or El Sol. Come in! They are open!

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