Volada Boogie Roller Disco

Attention disco lovers, this is one for you. Chamartín is getting ready to get funky this weekend with Volada Disco Roller Boogie. Skates, flares, twirls, and 80s magic. What more could you want?

Volada Boogie Roller Disco

Skates on. Laces Tied. Afros and fluorescent leg warmers at the ready.

If you’re a sucker for the 80s, shoes with 8 wheels, and figures of …you guessed it… to the funkiest sounds out there. Then there’s only one place you need to be on Saturday the 11th of February. From 20:00, Chamartín’s Rolling Dance & Burger (<M> L’s 1 and 10) will be rolling out the glitter balls for Volada Boogie: Roller Disco.

So grab your fluorescent leg warmers, headbands, and flares, and get ready for a night of irresistible funk, disco, soul, and Brazilian boogie the likes of which have never shaken this city before.

A session of music, dancing, and skating that will have you jiving until July. Tickets available here.

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