Tortilla Route 2017

There are a lot of tapas routes in Madrid, but this is the second year for the Tortilla Route and we’re excited.

Tortilla Route 2017

The popular Tortilla Route of last year is back again this year, from June 15-17th. There is a lot a huge variety of tortillas offered. Some most notable include spinach and cream, cheese, truffles, and even caramelized onion and chorizo. Can you say yum? Of course, there are some restaurants keeping true to the original traditional recipe and offering their classic pinchos of tortilla. There are also textural differences among the tortillas such as cuajada o liquida, which is variation of firm or runny.

The prices are very reasonable, ranging from 3 to 4.50€ a portion, with a generous inclusion of your choice of beer, wine, or vermouth glass. To find the restaurants involved visit this site.

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