To-The-Point Monologues + Mahou +Festival Villa Manuela

The new festival Villa Manuela includes ‘Monólogos al punto’, by the beer Mahou.

Malasaña’s hippest bars are opening their doors for you to try their tapas and enjoy a cold Mahou! Doesn’t that sound lovely? Festival Villa Manuela is going on now until the 11th of October. There will also be monologues to help you pass the time!

Monólogos al punto by Mahou
Monólogos al punto by Mahou

These monologues and tapas routes are part of a much larger festival going on now in Malasaña. If you want to learn more about Festival Villa Manuela, click here. 


A few of the participating bars:

AIO, Eneri, Malabar, Pez Baker, Centro Conde Duque, and Madrid Madriz

The complete list of tapas is here. 

Who is participating in the monologues, you ask?

Alberte Montes,

Alvaro Velasco,

Carlos del Pozo,

Carolina Noriega,

Diego Arjona,

Joan Pico,

Juan Carlos Córdoba,

Luis Álvaro


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