Ramón Casas. Dreams of Modernism. at the Caixa Forum

Until the 11th of June, the Caixa Forum opens looks back at the work of the influential painter Ramon Casas, who brought modernism to Catalonia at the turn go the 20th century.

Ramón Casas. Dreams of Modernism. at the Caixa Forum

Ramón Casas was an influential figure in bringing Catalonia to the forefront of the international art community towards the end of the 19th century. Casas is celebrated has having lent his own creative hand to the development of new European styles, particularly those that were had gained a foothold in Paris. A feat that, together with contemporaries such as Santiago Rusiñol, has led to the painter’s enshrinement in his native region as a national symbol of Catalonian modernism.

“Ramón Casas. Dreams of Modernism” includes a selection of paintings, prints, and sketches by the Catalonian painter, set up side by side with some of greatest Casas’ contemporaries. This comparison helps to present Casas within a wider European context so that visitors may truly appreciate his artistic ability. Casas was also influenced by the new techniques of the era such as posters, photography, and Japanese woodblock prints. His interest in following new styles shows not only his incredible versetility, but also an unquenchable desire to modernise his creations.

Entrance: 4€ (or free if you a credit card from La Caixa Bank). Till June 11th. 

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