Press for Gin

An explosion of stimuli for nose and mouth, capable of awakening all the senses, Press for Gin comes to Madrid for a single night, in a secret place!!
Get your tickets today!!

Press for Gin

Brockmans ‘Press for Gin‘ in the center of Madrid, is a night for hedonism and clandestinity. A pleasure for taste, touch, smell and sight with signature cocktails and a gourmet food tasting menu. Performances, games and other surprises to live sensory experiences, unknown until now. This is what Brockmans Gin proposes for October 26th, in a secret place in La Latina. A unique and exclusive event, for a limited audience, whose location will be unveiled to attendees hours before it begins. Undoubtedly, an opportunity to discover new sensations thanks to an incomparable gin, which among its selection of botanists includes some as unique as blackberries and blueberries.  

Luca Bonsignori, ambassador of Brockmans Gin in Madrid & Luca Rodi, reputed chef will intrigue us with their bartendering and high gastronomy skills.

Tickets are now on sale at Time Out Madrid, at a price of 40 euros. For more information about this event click here.

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