Ojo Cojo Festival

The Ojo Cojo Festival will present 37 films from 19 different countries including current themes from the 5 continents this year. They will address issues such as childhood, women, diversity, equality & social integration among others. Starting from November 10th in Cineteca Matadero!!

Ojo Cojo Festival

Since 2005, the Ojo Cojo Festival has promoted intercultural dialogue and the integration of disadvantaged groups. For the edition of this year Ojo Cojo Festival, 314 films were presented,  37 films from 19 different countries have been selected including current themes from the 5 continents. They will address issues such as intercultural, migrations, childhood, intergenerational relationships, women, diversity, equality and social integration, among others. The aim is to make the spectators aware of the racial and cultural discriminations that continue to exist and that through tolerance, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion this problem can be eradicated.

On November 11th, a space is reserved for the little ones, with funny projections that try to educate values ​​such as education and respect. The theme of women is very present in this new edition of Ojo Cojo Festival trying to highlight its presence, both among the actors and among the directors and selected juries. Each day the festival will have sessions with different themes located in the Cineteca Matadero and Casa América, in two stages: at 18:00 and at 21:00 h. As a novelty, this year a thematic script contest will be held with the aim of stimulating the realization of thematic works. To bring out the director that one carries within himself and at the same time to raise awareness about discriminatory subjects demonstrated is the objective of this festival. For this objective, it will be attended by directors from different parts of the world to present their films and participate in debates, close to the public.

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Location: Cineteca Matadero (Plaza Legazpi, 8, 28045, Madrid)

Metro: Legazpi

Admission: Free

Dates: November 10th until November 19th

Hours: Everyday: 18:30h – 21:00 h

            Sessions (Cineteca Matadero / Casa América): 18:00 h & 21:00 h

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