Mexica New Year

Ever gone South of the border? Not like this you haven’t. This weekend Madrid welcomes in the Mexica New Year in a festival that celebrates the precolonial traditions of the Districto Federal (Tenochtitlan)

Mexica New Year

This Saturday the 11th of March, Madrid will be welcoming in the New Year once again with Mexica New Year. An event that celebrates the food, history, and tradition of one of Latin Americas great precolonial cultures.

The festival marks the start of the calendar year according to the precolonial locals of Tenochtitlan, today known as Mexico City. Along with the Aztecs, Mayans and Olmecs, the Mexicas were amongst the first peoples to inhabit the territory of Mexico, before the arrival of the Spanish in 1521.

To mark the occasion, organisers have programmed a wide range of activities through which the public can expand their knowledge of the Mexican people, their belief system and understanding of the world around them through a series of talks, workshops, dances, and musical performances.

They will also be able to learn about their calendar system, crafts, and even enjoy a precolonial market (tianguis) in which they will be able to enjoy a wide array of old Mexica recipes made with purely Mexican ingredients. In short, it’s a one-off lesson for the senses. Are you going to miss out?

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