Mercado de Productores Farmers Market, February 2017 Edition

In a city the size of Madrid we can sometimes feel a little forgotten. Thats why events such as the Mercado de Productores make such a difference. Madrid’s own farmers market puts the sense of community back into the comunidad: fresh produce straight from your doorstep, sold by the hands that grew it.

Mercado de Productores Farmers Market, February 2017 Edition

Mercado de Productores (though you might know it better as The Farmer’s Market) returns to the Matadero this month. A pop up event that comes into flower along Madrid Rio, bringing local farmers and consumers together, and offering visitors a chance to get a taste of the flavours that are produced on their doorstep.

Madrid is a city of 3.2 million spread over 600 square kilometres, with a such a large and densely packed population it’s hard to fathom how a farmers market may have come to be established here, honestly we’re baffled too: aren’t Farmer’s Markets a thing of the country, relegated to forgotten rural backwaters? True, it may unconventional in a place that is dominated by supermarkets, restaurant chains and online shopping, but this is exactly the charm lies in the Mercado de Productores. Step off the capitals noisy, congested streets, and onto that green vein that runs along the Manzanares. Find everything from fresh veggies to artisanal wines ice creams, and enjoy pop-up gardens and florist’s stands and maybe even pop into the Matadero while you’re there. Be it for brunch by the river or an open air grocery shop, the Mercado de Productores is a free for all where you can put face to name.

The next event will be held from Saturday the 18th (11:00-19:00) to Sunday the 19th of February (11:00-17:00) and then every last weekend of every month after. Closest Metro: Legazpi.

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