Mercado de la Buena Vida: A More Eco Way of Living

Find the best local flavours and hot tips on how to innovate your kitchen at this newcomer to Madrid’s eco-scene. Learn how to make your own bread, sip on artisanal beer, build a solar powered oven, or just tick off your groceries. More than just a shopping experience on the second weekend of every month.

Mercado de la Buena Vida: A More Eco Way of Living

Markets. Increasingly they’re sprouting up across Europe, and in many parts of Spain, as local venues where shoppers can buy fresh produce straight from the hands that grew it. Until now however this has been somewhat lacking in central Madrid. With many of the city’s remaining markets being replaced by gentrified restaurants and large commercial shopping chains.

Queue Mercado de la Buena Via, a new concept that aims to bring the countryside back to the city. Enabling shoppers to help out local businesses, eat real madrileño produce, and save a few pennies along the way.

The market will take place the second weekend of every month in Plaza de Santa Ana, from 11:00 to 17:00.

Those who come to La Buena Vida will find a wide range of products: organic fruits and vegetables, artisanal beer, freshly baked bread, and wild caught fish from sustainable sources. More than 30 local businesses have signed up to the event, to offer up some real flavour and put the sabor back in Sol.

Mercado de la Buena Vida will also be holding workshops and classes. Aimed at both adults and children. With goals such as learning how to make your own bread, cheese, and beer, or even build your own solar powered oven or plant your own indoor garden!

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