Lewis Baltz at the Fundación Mapfre

This Spring see suburbia subverted by one of it’s most influential critics. Lewis Baltz looks at 20th century America’s changing landscape in one of the most powerful series of the past 50 years.

Lewis Baltz at the Fundación Mapfre
From now until the 4th of June, the Mapfre Foundation (Bárbara de Braganza, 13) will be opening its doors to the iconic photographer Lewis Baltz. The exhibit will be the first time that the Baltz goes to the Spanish galleries, his work only having begun gain recognition outside of his native United States since his death in 2014.
Lewis Baltz had a profound effect on how his country was represented in photography. Originally rising to public recognition with the collaborative publication New Topographics movement. The 1975 series was pioneering redefining American landscape photography as a field that encompassed both the rural and the urban. Through this lens, Baltz focused in on suburbia, that quintessential element of the American dream, and used his subject show how massive urban development was cutting a tasteless scar of strip malls, motels and parking lots through much of the American countryside. 
“Coming from Orange County, I watched the ghastly transformation of this place — the first wave of bulimic capitalism sweeping across the land, next door to me. I sensed that there was something horribly amiss and awry about my own personal environment.” -Lewis Baltz, 1992
Baltz’s American landscape is a monochrome criticism of 20th century United States retold in over 400 pieces, and divided into two phases. The first looks at the rapid advance of suburban development and how this reshaped the American countryside. While the second, which begins with Baltz’s introduction of colour into his viewfinder in 1989, looks at sweeping capitalism, media, and technology as the new central features of these manmade landscapes.
Entrance costs 3€. Free on Monday from 14:00h to 20:00h.
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