Lavapiés a Escena: Theatre all through November!

Places people, there’s yet another festival coming to Lavapiés. All through November the velvet curtain will be rising over the first annual Theatre Festival the iconic barrio has seen. Find out whats on now!

Lavapiés a Escena: Theatre all through November!

They’ll think of any reason to throw a festival in Lavapies. From Tapapiés in October to the Fiestas de Lavapies in August, Madrid’s most diverse and bohemian neighbourhoods is always looking for a reason to prove to the public that it is the place to be. This year Lavapiés a Escena (Lavapiés on the Stage) will be showing diversity in a far more theatrical light.

Mere days have passed since the closing of Tapapiés’s busy tapas bars and restaurants, and already local businesses are opening up again for what is to be the first ever Lavapiés a Escena. The festival hopes to showcase artistic talent in what was once one of the city’s poorest districts, whilst also using the event as an opportunity to open up a dialogue on social issues. This year the theme will be Women and their contribution to the arts as actors, directors, screenwriters and critics.

As the velvet curtain is prepared to be lifted here are some of the titles we can expect to see, organised by venue:

Sala El umbral de primavera:

1. Miedo o soltar. Historia de las despedidas en 4 partes
Scared or alone. A story of goodbyes in four parts

– Company: La Familia Rootless

– Showing: Fridays in November, 20:00

2. Mocú (3.442 km)

– Company: La trapecista autómata

– Showing: Fridays in November, 20:00

3. La verdadERA historia. Blancanieves

Snow-white: The REAL story

– Company: 3 segundos

– Showing: Saturday the 19th and 26th of November, 22:30


> Sala Mínima espacio escénico no convencional:

  • No estoy aquí para entreteneros
    I’m not here to entertain you

– Company: F. de Asfalto

– Showing: Sundays in November, 19:00h (Except the 6th)


> Sala La tortuga:          

1.  Lesiones incompatibles con la vida
Wounds incompatible with life

– Company: Ocara Producciones

– Showing : Fridays in November, 20:00

2. En clownstrucción
Under clownstruction

– Compañía: Degustando Placeres

– Showing: Friday the 18th and Friday the 25th of November, 22:00


> Nuevo teatro fronterizo:

Femenine Drama. A seminar with the women behind the shows in this year’s festival on their vision for contemporary drama and what they consider to be characteristic of female creations. creaciones femeninas 

– 14th of November, 18:30

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