La Radio Encendida celebrates its 15 anniversary with a big free concert

Madrid’s biggest free music festival returns to the city this March and this time its a special one- join us at the Radio Encendida 15th Anniversary for the biggest date you need on your calendar this Spring.

La Radio Encendida celebrates its 15 anniversary with a big free concert

Hands up who’s been waiting for this moment.

Madrid’s favourite free music festival has got back to us with the date and, hold your breath, this year La Radio Encendida will be on for not one but TWO days– two times the fun for two times the… oh no wait, it’s FREE!

It’s a big year for the RTVE music festival that in 2017 is celebrating its 15th birthday. So to celebrate is one hell of a quinceñera, on from the 11th to the 12th of March. Starting 16:00 on the Saturday, the music will run on until 23:00 and then return Sunday at midday for 11 more hours of nonstop concerts!

Done your maths? We have because that makes a total of 18 hours of great music, and oh, only 36 of the most trending Spanish sounds to hit the airwaves from 2016 to today.

The Program

See if you can get through this in one breath. We dare you:

Amaral, Baywaves, Cala Vento, Captains, Club del Río, Coque Malla, Cora Novoa, Corizonas, Delafé, Dinero, El Drogas, El Meister, Enric Montefusco, Iván Ferreiro, Joe Crepúsculo, Kuve, Las Odio, Le Parody, León Benavente, Lori Meyers, Los Punsetes, Los Vinagres, Maga, Miguel Campello, New Day, Nudozurdo, Nunatak, Núria Graham, Papaya, Polock, Rayden, Rulo y La Contrabanda, Shinova, Sidonie, Tomasito y Viva Suecia.

Stay hot on this article because although the times for each cancert haven’t been released yet, you’ll be able to grab hold of them here. This year the venue may be a little busier than it has been before but RTVE have still made space for you to dance off your pants to some of the best Spanish radio DJs all through the weekend.

So how do I get my invite?

La Radio Encendida is free but again this year entrance will only be admitted to people with invites, BUT DON’T WORRY if you didn’t get one already that’s because they haven’t been given out. All you need to do is head over to La Casa Encendida (Calle Amparo Entrance) 2 hours before the gig you want to see starts, and you’ll be handed your tickets free of charge- simple!

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