Japan Restaurant Week

Love Japanese food? So do we. That’s Mad4Madrid is getting so excited for the 8th Annual Japan Restaurant Week. This month, have a taste of the most exclusive Japanese food the city has to offer at a discount price.

Japan Restaurant Week

From the 11st to 27th of November, Madrid will be celebrating the 8th Edition of Japan Restaurant Week. With all the most authentic, flavours on this side of the Rising Sun, this is an excellent opportunity to taste the best Madrid has to offer and at a fraction of the price! Whether you’re a sucker for sushi, sashimi, or yakisoba, now is the time to chow down with full menus for 15€ and 20€ at some of the cities most exclusive oriental restaurants (see conditions). Need suggestions? Here’s one that we love

This year the event has been extended, but be warned: the offer can only be enjoyed by prior reservation made until the 20th of November. Tables at Japan Restaurant Week are limited so reserve now! Douzo Irasshai!

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