Fiesta Madrid Radikal at Sala Juglar

Summer is over, and that’s a reason to celebrate. With the dropping of temperatures come the latest cool kids on Madrid’s electro scene: a mini synthwave festival in the heart of Lavapiés.

Fiesta Madrid Radikal at Sala Juglar

Autumn is here, and after the three months of suffocation we just spent slowly melting under an unrelenting summer sun, it’s not something to cry about. Madrid Radical gets that. That’s why this week they are ushering in the October chill at Juglar in Lavapiés, with a cry of “Long live the synthesizer!” and three incredible new electronic acts:

  • Total: An asturi-madrileño duo of “rhythm totalitarians” that are reviving the earliest days of synthwave with a surprise selection of 8bit hits
  • Vred: a medley of analogue synthesizers coming together to make an infinite combination of tecno-pop, dark, and ambient rhythms
  • Super Busty Samurai Monkey: SBSM take on Japan, traces of darkmetal, 90s techno nostalgia, a dusting of 8bit, dressing of postpunk, and mesh them together into an explosive coctail that you´ll struggle not to dance, if not cry to.

On from 21:30. Tickets available here (5€).

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