Elements of Vogue: Radical Performance

Elements Of Vogue, is an exhibition that studies the voguing, the ballroom, and how the African-American minority used the body and gestures as a form of dissidence!! Exhibiting in Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo Móstoles until May 6th 2018!!

Elements of Vogue: Radical Performance
Posing implies an acute awareness of how a body makes history. To strike a pose is to pose a threat, as Dick Hebdige wrote. That is why we need to trace the history of dissident gestures.
Especially to reconstruct the genealogy of those poses that are bold enough to confront the norm. This modality of performance, described as radical, as it opens up space to imagine. Radical performance invokes subjectivities for which there is still no name and social choreographies that are yet to come. This notion of radical performance is what defines voguing. It’s a popular culture around transgender pageants and spectacular dance battles between queens of Black and Latino descent. Vogue is a queer dance form whose roots go deep into the history of the Black LGTB community.
Elements of Vogue explores ways in which minorities use their bodies to produce dissenting forms of beauty, subjectivity & desire. These minority poets and politicians, perceived as a threat to the normative world. But at the same time coveted by mainstream culture (artists like Madonna). Naturally, it would be impossible to offer a fixed, static portrait of such a complex and changing world. Instead, this exhibition examines political history to map out the debates, conflicts and culture wars that intersect in the birth of voguingWhile looking for its echoes and resonances in the history of performance and popular culture in the African diaspora.Voguing reveals itself as a case study to understand the emergence of radical performance & its potential to articulate new social imaginaries.
The show features works by many artists such as Charles Atlas, Dawoud Bey, Joan Jett Blakk or Willie Cole.


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Location: Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M) (Avenida Constitución, 23, 28931, Móstoles)

Cercanías: Móstoles

Admission: Free

Dates: November 17th 2017 until May 6th 2018

Hours: Tues-Sun: 11h – 21h

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