‘DUETs, the show’ at Olé Lola: a musical pair!

On the 18th of November Olé Lola “Duets, the show” returns! It’s a comedy-musical hybrid where you’ll cry from laughter, and you won’t be able to resist telling all your friends afterwards!

‘DUETs, the show’ at Olé Lola: a musical pair!

If you ask us to describe the show in three words, we’d say: fun, original, and intimate. Duets, the show means guaranteed laughter, and lots of music. 

Fun because the story tells us about a couple that has been married for 25 years: how did the meet, how did he win her over, their fights, their ups and downs, a sexy scene, everything! They don’t hold anything back. And how do they tell the story? Singing! There are songs in German, Italian, English and Spanish classics. Each song, a chapter of their marriage.

Original because surely there are songs you’ve heard a million times, and you’ve never stopped to think about the lyrics. Moreover, it’s not only a musical, te protagonists talk to the audience as if they were best friends.

Lastly, intimate because of the space. Olé Lola reserved a small, cozy theater with sofas and armchairs where you can have dinner or have a few drinks while you enjoy the show. We’re not sure how, but in the end, you end up feeling like a friend of the couple.

The play is written and created by  David Ottonea and stars  Natalia Calderón and Maxi Mendía.

Get your voice ready because you’ll end up singing with them and clapping along!

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