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Elements of Vogue: Radical Performance

Elements Of Vogue, is an exhibition that studies the voguing, the ballroom, and how the African-American minority used the body and gestures as a form of dissidence!! Exhibiting in Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo Móstoles until May 6th 2018!!

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Cubism(s) and Experiences of Modernity

Cubism(s) and Experiences of Modernity exhibition generates a new reading on cubism, expanding the existing conception of cubism & the work of Juan Gris is its central axis. Happening until the end of 2018 in Reina Sofia Museum. Go check out this exhibit today!

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Auschwitz: History of Humanity

Madrid is the first stop of an exhibition showcasing more than 600 original objects focused on the Auschwitz concentration camp. The exhibition will be from December 1st to June 17th, 2018. This will be a time to learn about the Auschwitz concentration camp and see first hand some of the tools and objects used in the camp.

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The geometry in Nature: Rafael Araujo

The geometry in nature exhibits the most characteristic work of the painter Rafael Araujo. Happening from 15th of December until the 31st of March 2018 in the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales!

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