Brunch in the Zitty

From one big city to the other, Brunch is very much the ‘in-meal’ of the 21st century. Fitting then that another late start to your Sunday morning has set itself up on Calle Velazquez 128. Brunch in the Zitty serves up a local take on one of Madrid’s most recent food trends in an undeniably Manhattan setting.

Brunch is hitting the Zitty (pron. Thitty), a slice out of the Big Apple on Velázquez, 128. Following the success of this Manhattan inspired eatery, opened by Enrique Gómez Carrillo in November last year, the kitchen is bringing a conventional idea to the table and peppering it with a twist: an NYC inspired brunch menu with a classic Spanish flourish.

We all know New York for the rush, the noise, the teeming crowds of commuters, shouts of “taxi!” and 20 million people, and while the brick walls and coffee house interior might fit right in with your Big City expectations, there’s certainly no excess of Manhattan madness in this laid back start to your Sunday.

Settling ourselves in with a latte and a red mimosa (this is brunch after all), we were led into our Zitty experience with a light helping of scrambled eggs garnished with a choice of bacon, cod, or tomato. This was followed by a choice between a smoked salmon bagel, cheeseburger, and toasted “veggie” sandwich, out of which we opted for the latter: good but a surprise to us when we found it featured tuna (a warning to all you plant eaters out there). Lastly the desert, though it consisted is of a choice between pancakes, strawberry cheesecake and fruit salad, was an easy win for the New York classic- a comforting finish to a laidback experience.

Metropolitain life is often a rush, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful, that’s certainly the lesson we took away from our experience at Brunch in the Zitty. Friendly service and an inviting atmosphere was a welcome accompaniment to the menu, and at 30€ you don’t have to be a Wall Street banker to afford it.

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