Ballesta Triangle Toasts Route

Ballesta Triangle brings to Madrid a Toasts Route that will expand your palette. It is happening from the 15th-18th of November. For meat lovers and vegetarians alike there will be classic and new combinations of flavors to try. You don’t want to miss it.

Ballesta Triangle Toasts Route

Ballesta Triangle brings the toasts of Madrid from the 15th-18th of November during the lunch and dinner hours. This delicious route will be for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. To try one of the toast created for the route will be at an affordable price of 2,90-4,50€ and to top it off the drinks are included in that price.

The Ballesta triangle includes the areas of Ballesta Street, Valverde, Desengaño, Corredera Baja de San Pablo, Barco and Plaza de la Luna. 

Toasts with different combination of classic flavors and the new flavors of Madrid. Some classic combinations are

  • Cod brandata toast with ali-oli at Casa Perico
  • Iberian Paradise at Cutxi
  • Chicken, cheese and caramelized onions at Bar La Prensa

A few of the new combinations to try at the 7 Hotel Islands are

  • Thai red curry chicken with crunchy almond candy
  • Strawberry and black pudding

This route is for those who want to take a risk and try new flavors as well as for those who want to stick to the tried and true classic flavors.

For more information check out their page.




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