76th Feria del Libro in Retiro (Annual Book Fair)

Since 1933 this book fair has not stopped growing. It is a pride for the city of Madrid have the largest gathering of booksellers in the country. From May 26th till June 11th in Retiro Park.

76th Feria del Libro in Retiro (Annual Book Fair)

Voracious readers, get ready. Our favourite date of the year is here: From May 26th till June 11th is the annual book fair of Madrid, called Feria del Libro, and celebrated in Retiro Park. The plan couldn’t be better: take a walk, buy some books and sit in front of the lake for reading. This year, the invited country is Portugal, what means that there will be some special activities focused on it.

So, we recommend you follow these steps to make your visit a success:

  1. Think all the titles you want to buy, they will be together in this great bookstore outdoors!
  2. Search the editorials and their stands to know where to go. You can situate them using this map.
  3. Use this browser to find out the writers that will go to La Feria del Libro 2015. You will know the day and time of their visit and you can plan your own.

After the visit just is one thing to do: read, read and READ! Also, consult all the activities you can go for free.



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