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6 Art Museums in Madrid Under 6€

Madrid is Art. From the oils of Velazquez or the murals of Lavapies. But if you’re not careful that beauty can come at a hefty price. This time around Mad4Madrid takes you off the tourist trail for a guided tour of unmissable local art on a shoestring.

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5 Crazy Facts about the Plaza Mayor Madrid, Spain

5 Crazy Facts about the Plaza Mayor Madrid, Spain. Want to learn more about this emblematic symbol in Madrid? Keep reading! There are so many hidden gems in the city, and here’s a bit more information about one of our favorite places in the city: the Plaza Mayor! It’s big, and it’s beautiful, but what do you really know about it?

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Museums in Madrid: Casas Museos (House Museums)

Madrid is a city that’s full of art and creativity. No doubt you’ve heard of the Reina Sofia, Thyssen, Museo del Prado and Caixa Forum, but what about the Museo ABC of illustration and design, Museo Naval, Museo del Traje, Museo de América?

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What To Do During Semana Santa in Madrid

Just in case you can’t make it out of Madrid during Semana Santa doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy this magical time in Madrid, one of the most beautiful and lively cities in Europe! Semana Santa in Madrid isn’t just for those who are Catholic, but for people of all ages and creed.

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Original Version Cinema in Madrid: Where to Watch Films in English

Let’s be honest: some things simply do not translate well, and if you’re an English-speaking movie goer in Madrid sometimes you need the real thing. Here’s a list of Cinemas in Madrid that show original version films!

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My French Film Festival: How Cinema Is Changing

The My French Film Festival has been running for six years. It features movies in and out of competition, with juries, awards, and screenings in theaters and online. We take a look at the festival itself and about what it means for cinema in general.

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The Free Museum in Madrid You’re Forgetting: Espacio Fundación Telefónica

Madrid is a cultural hub, this we know. From the Reina Sofia, the Prado, Thyssen and ABC; there’s literally something for everyone here. Art is a cultural staple in Madrid, and it’s deeply ingrained in Spanish and European history. As a result there are museums, galleries, and art houses throughout the city. Some are more well-known than others. Some cost money, others are free.

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Belenes of Madrid: Best Nativity Scenes in Madrid

Did you know that the Belenes or Nativity Scenes are an iconic symbol of Christmas in Spain? We tell you where to see the best ones, and how to make your own! There are always Belenes, or nativities scenes in Spanish houses whether they are believer or not, it’s the most emblematic symbol of Christmas around! The one that comes to mind includes is the classic one: Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, an ox and a mule.

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Dr. Steam Cafe-Cine in Lavapies

Dr. Steam is a cafe, but also a small screen movie theater for private and semi-private viewings of independent films. Their great prices and even better films make this an excellent plan. We at Mad4Madrid adore going to the movies! It’s truly an activity that engages all of your senses at once. We’re always looking for new and exciting places to feed our passion for mainstream and independent films alike.

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Perceptions: Women & Men Throughout History (Photography)

This new photography exhibit at Fundacion Canal shows the perceptions of women and men throughout history. Madrid is full of art. Literally, it’s bursting at the seams with new exhibits and expositions. Some times it’s hard to keep track of them all. Fret not, your friendly, neighborhood, Mad4Madrid team is here to keep you informed, and save the day. One of our new favorite exhibits is going on now at Fundación Canal Isabel II. This space is unique as it’s part of the Madrid water system here. The exhibit is completely free, and you can reach this gallery by Metro. The specific stop is Plaza de Castilla.

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