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Mad4Madrid Summer Hot List Round-Up!

We’ve been very busy looking for the newest and best restaurants in Madrid, and we’ve found a few that you may like! Here you’ll find ice cream shops, restaurants and museum exhibits! Keep reading to see what made our hot list!

We’ve been very busy looking for the newest and best restaurants in Madrid, and we’ve found a few that you may like!


For those smoldering days in Madrid…

Gamela Ice Cream

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Why we love it: The flavors at Gamela are classic, and the variety is plentiful. There are ice lollies, fruit-based options, sorbets, yogurt and good old-fashioned ice cream! The colors inside are bright, and vibrant, and will only brighten your day! Science fact: it’s impossible to frown while holding an ice cream. We tried the mango and raspberry and whoa! We’d recommend it completely! Also, the price point for a small is about 3€!

Calle Pérez Galdós, 5, 28004 Madrid


Going on a first date? We’ve got the cutest place for a fun first date…



Why we love it: It’s like stepping foot into Willy Wonka’s Factory! This is the place dreams are made of, and if you want to wow your date and take them on a whimsical culinary adventure, this is it! It’s located on the top floor of the Corte Inglés, so the views over Calle Serrano will only add to the evening…or afternoon. The ice cream flavors are much more gourmet ranging from lavender and coconut to baked apple pie, mango sorbet, or apple sorbet with basil. It doesn’t stop there: there’s toppings! If you can imagine it, they probably have it: violet marshmallow clouds, toasted sesame seeds, butter cookies and caramelized apples. Tip: they also serve ice cream inside of a brioche bread bowl. No. Big. Deal. As for the price point, well, the owner Jordi Roca has a Michelin Star, so be prepared to spend a bit more than Ben & Jerry. Around 5€ for a small with toppings.

El Corte Inglés, Calle de Serrano, 52, 28001 Madrid


Cheap eats in Malasaña…

Bao Bar

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Why we love it: Stuff stuffed into more stuff… this, friends, is what dreams are made of! They have a variety of baos ranging from duck, to falafel with pico de gallo, halloumi cheese, Korean chicken, or even breaded cod with avocado. The price point is on average 3-4 euros, and you buy each individually. We tried the falafel, Korean chicken, and the duck and each was flavorful and much more filling than we expected. Bao Bar has a small interior, so it’s not ideal for groups. But if what you want is a delicious stop-over to give you the energy you need to keep partying, here you go!

Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 2, 28004 Madrid

Free Exposition

Frankenstein Exhibit at the Fundación Telefónica


Why we love it: Frankenstein is the coolest. They even show film clips in the entrance to the exhibit with ridiculously comfortable chairs. Did we mention that this museum is free to enter? 

Calle de Fuencarral, 3, 28004 Madrid


Now that you know what we’ve been up to this summer, tell us how you’ve been!


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